Train, Tram, Bus and Truck Wash Equipment

Istobal HW’Compak

The ISTOBAL HW ‘COMPAK model is compact, robust and highly efficient equipment for commercial vehicle washes, specially optimised for the complete washing of trucks and buses.

A compact and robust heavy vehicle wash machine.

The ISTOBAL HW’COMPAK heavy vehicle wash machine is compact, robust and highly efficient, and has been optimised for the complete washing of trucks and buses.

Smartwash technology for maximum efficiency – onsite and remotely.

Equipped with the latest Smartwash connectivity technology by ISTOBAL, it enables digital and automated fleet wash process management and more efficient remote maintenance, making washing easier, faster and more controlled.

Optimised wash time plus a range of features.

This rollover machine optimises wash time thanks to optional features including side high-pressure system, foaming chemical spray and underchassis wash. It also allows flexible configuration of wash programmes and speeds, as well as independent control of the different solenoid valves for greater water and electricity savings. Dosing pumps also enable controlled and efficient chemical usage.

The COMPAK commercial  wash machine is perfect for freight carriers, commercial vehicle washes and companies with fleets of buses, offering them efficient, fast and automated washing of trucks and buses.

Scroll down to watch video of the HW’Compak in action. 

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