Commercial Vehicle Wash Equipment

Under Chassis

Our under chassis washes comprises a hot-dip galvanised fabricated manifold. This framework is 3000mm wide and installed and can be installed in existing or new truck and bus wash bays.

The most effective under body wash system.

The manifold is equipped with 20-40 nozzles specially designed by Istobal that direct water in a cyclonic fashion to intensify the cleaning effect on the bottoms of trucks and buses.

This is what makes our under chassis wash the most effective drive through style under body wash system necessary for the transport and mining sectors.

These systems must be used in conjunction with water treatment and recycling systems

Under chassis cleaning features

  • Provides a clean truck or bus for mechanics to work on
  • Easier to diagnose mechanical faults
  • Improves road safety by reducing oil drops on the road
  • Clean and easy to operate by vehicle driver
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Cold water only required
  • Ideal for all heavy vehicles, Trucks, Buses, Coaches and more
  • Spray bar activation when the vehicle entering the wash bay breaks a light beam
  • Sensor switch mounted inside the holding tank for dry run protection
heavy vehicle truck wash equipment under chassis