Bus Wash Systems and Equipment

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Good Sight Australia is the leader in the supply, installation and repair of bus wash systems and equipment.

With 50 years of experience in the vehicle wash industry, our national sales and support network of repair technicians is available to assist in every aspect of the supply, installation and maintenance of your bus wash equipment.

Working with your team, together we can build a total construction package. Our bus wash design professionals can create any specialised equipment or machine from site establishment, with approvals, through to project management.

Our bus wash equipment sales, service and repair network extends across all Australian states and territories giving our customers the peace of mind that we’re here to assist 24/7.

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The Istobal HW’EXPRESS bus wash can wash a 12 metre long vehicle in approximately 2 minutes.


Bus Wash System Advice

Our team of bus wash equipment specialists have the industry knowledge and experience to help you assess your future objectives, identify areas of business opportunities and develop solutions in accordance with your unique site requirements.

Our goal is to provide you with solutions that ensure you thrive in a competitive environment.

Site Survey

New sites: For new sites, we offer an obligation-free assessment of your facility. We can then advise you on the best solutions for your specific requirements.

Site Upgrades: If you’re upgrading an existing facility, we can assess your current wash systems, their condition, plant equipment, chemicals, controllers and water management, and report back with a comprehensive survey audit for your review.


Bus Wash Equipment

Our range of bus wash equipment means we can offer solutions that will accommodate your commercial vehicle wash requirements.

With 50+ years in the industry, our success is based on our after-sales service and our belief that our relationship with you is not just about “selling” but supporting your business in the long term.

Bus Wash Machines
  1. EXPRESS: Istobal’s HW’EXPRESS has been especially designed for bus and truck fleets. Thanks to its optimum performance, it can wash a 12-metre-long vehicle in approximately 2 minutes, including an overlapping brush wash on the front and back utilising a bus wash system patented by Istobal.
  2. PROGRESS: The Istobal HW’PROGRESS is the most flexible commercial vehicle rollover in the market, and can be adapted to the specific requirements of each type of vehicle fleet including vans, trailer trucks, buses, tankers, garbage trucks, vehicles for the construction industry and other special vehicles.
  3. COMPAK: The ISTOBAL HW’COMPAK bus wash is compact, robust and highly efficient equipment. It has been specially optimised for the complete washing of trucks and buses. Equipped with the latest Smartwash connectivity technology by Istobal, it enables digital and automated fleet wash process management and more efficient remote maintenance, making washing easier, faster and more controlled.
  4. DRIVE3: All the advantages and options of the Drive Through systems come standard, which makes it the perfect machine for all types of bus fleets. The standard machine includes a pre-soak arch and four vertical brushes spinning in opposite directions for better results. The shampoo dosing pump and the electrical cabinet are built into one of the columns. It includes a practical command post to control the manual movement of brushes, an emergency stop button, several activation possibilities for the optional extras, and mirror-avoidance functions.

Financial Assistance

Speak to us about financial assistance available will assist with purchase, installation and upgrade costs.

bus wash equipment
The HW’COMPAK features a powerful, high pressure, under chassis wash.


Bus Wash Equipment Installers

Our highly skilled team of licensed tradespeople and technicians are involved in all aspects of the planning and installation process.

From the early stages, our installation team work closely with architects, developer and builders to offer a smooth trouble-free installation service.

Our goal is to provide straight-forward solutions without hidden shocks or omissions.

Repairs and Maintenance

Bus Wash Equipment Repair

Our equipment is backed by our National team of highly qualified repair technicians and a full inventory of spare parts.

Additionally, we can service bus wash equipment supplied and installed by other manufacturers.

Our aim is to eliminate breakdowns and lost operating time.

Maintenance Programs

We offer flexible and economical maintenance programs designed to support your business investment.


For more information about bus washing systems available in Australia, contact the friendly team at Good Sight.  Since 1968, we have been Australia’s leading supplier of vehicle wash equipment. We offer a nationwide after-sales support and repair service, backed by our team of highly qualified service technicians. We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional level of service and support to our clients.

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Istobal Bus Wash Machines

Good Sight are the Australian distributor of Istobal bus wash equipment.

ISTOBAL are a market leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of vehicle wash and care solutions, including bus washing systems. With over 70 years’ experience, ISTOBAL harnesses innovation and the latest technology to provide products and services that generate high returns for heavy vehicle operators in various sectors, while also offering a positive, convenient and fast experience for users of vehicle wash systems. The company is inspired by technological progress and in a constant state of evolution