Train, Bus and Truck Wash Equipment and Machines Adelaide and South Australia (SA)

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Good Sight are Australia’s leading suppliers of train, bus and truck wash equipment for logistics operators, motor dealerships and major oil companies based in Adeladie, throughout South Australia and around Australia.

As an experienced industry leader with a knowledgeable, skilled professional team, our national network is here to support your investment and long-term business goals.

Together we can build a total construction package where our industry design professionals can work closely with you to create any specialised equipment or machine through to site establishment with approvals and project management.

With an office in Adelaide, our Australia-wide network of sales, service and repair technicians are your assurance you’ll receive the support necessary to keep your equipment operating efficiently at all times. They are backed by a full inventory of spare parts.

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Heavy vehicle wash equipment

Good Sight Australia is the leading supplier of heavy vehicle wash equipment specifically designed for trams, trains, light rail, buses and trucks of all sizes.  We are the official distributor of Istobal heavy vehicle wash systems and equipment in Adelaide, throughout South Australia and nationally around Australia.

  1. EXPRESS: Istobal’s HW’EXPRESS has been specially designed for bus and truck fleets. Thanks to its optimum performance, it can wash a 12-metre-long vehicle in approximately 2 minutes, including an overlapping brush wash on the front and back utilising a truck wash system patented by Istobal.
  2. PROGRESS: The Istobal HW’PROGRESS is the most flexible commercial vehicle rollover in the market, and can be adapted to the specific requirements of each type of vehicle fleet including vans, trailer trucks, buses, tankers, garbage trucks, vehicles for the construction industry and other special vehicles.
  3. COMPAK: The ISTOBAL HW’COMPAK truck wash is compact, robust and highly efficient equipment. It has been specially optimised for the complete washing of trucks and buses. Equipped with the latest Smartwash connectivity technology by Istobal, it enables digital and automated fleet wash process management and more efficient remote maintenance, making washing easier, faster and more controlled.
  4. INTRAWASH: The Istobal HW’INTRAWASH is an optimum and professional solution for the interior washing and disinfection of refrigerated trailers and shipping containers.
  5. ROTATORS: Istobal’s HW’ROTATORS is a modular arch consisting of up to 8 motorised rotator units. This high-pressure wash equipment is especially intended for the drive through washing of all commercial vehicle types that cannot be washed with a standard rollover, as is the case with garbage trucks, tankers, military vehicles and more. It is the only drive-through system in the market with motorised rotators that ensure maximum wash pressure at a constant speed and with spraying arms with a stabiliser to avoid pressure losses.
  6. JETWASH: Interior and exterior disinfection of trucks and commercial vehicles by low pressure for professional use. It is recommended for livestock trucks, cereals, refrigerators and containers.
  7. UNDER CHASSIS: Our under chassis washes comprises a hot-dip galvanised fabricated manifold. This framework is 3000mm wide and installed and can be installed in existing or new truck and bus wash bays.
  8. DRIVE2: This model has been designed to fulfil different demands with large vehicles, from bus or trolley bus fleets to any type of tram.This model has a lower height and it is open at the top, which makes it suitable for vehicles with an overhead catenary. It includes a pre-soak arch, two rinsing arches, a displaced technical board with a touch screen, soft starters for its four brushes, and speed detection to avoid vehicle impacts. Until the release of Istobal’s HW’Drive, it was unachievable to reach spectacular results in a drive-though tram wash.
  9. TRAIN THROUGH: The Heavywash Train Through by Istobal is an automatic wash system for the railway industry (trains, trams, light rail, underground trains, etc.), based on proven technology that excels in speed, efficiency and versatility, but above all excellence in the result.

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Free Site Survey

Whether you’re upgrading existing equipment or installing new machinery, our specialist team will evaluate your specific requirements and report back with a consolidated site survey.

We have the industry knowledge and experience to help you assess your future objectives, identify business opportunities and develop solutions in accordance with your unique site requirements.

From the initial installation of your new or updated equipment, our car wash technicians and tradespeople work closely with your architect, project managers and builders to offer a smooth installation service.

Speak to us about financial assistance available will assist with purchase, installation and upgrade costs.

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Repairs and Maintenance

Train, Bus and Truck Wash Equipment Repair

Our truck and bus wash equipment is backed by our National team of highly qualified repair technicians and a full inventory of spare parts.

We offer flexible and economical maintenance programs designed to support your business investment.

Additionally, we can service equipment supplied and installed by other manufacturers.

Our aim is to eliminate breakdowns and lost operating time.


For more information about heavy vehicle washing systems available, contact the friendly team at Good Sight South Australia.  Since 1968, we have been Australia’s leading supplier of vehicle wash equipment. We offer a nationwide after-sales support and repair service, backed by our team of highly qualified service technicians. We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional level of service and support to our clients.