How are garbage trucks washed?

how are garbage trucks washed
Not many of us give a second thought to the hard working garbage trucks that take away our waste and keep our streets clean.  Have you ever wondered how garbage trucks are washed and what equipment does this ‘dirty’ work?

Incredibly complex equipment is needed to wash, clean and disinfect our garbage truck fleets. With varying body shapes, front and rear loading units, and random pieces of equipment jutting out, garbage trucks are an odd and varied bunch.

A garbage truck is usually washed every 3 days, some even daily.  Most commonly they are washed after the night shift, once the vehicle is back at the lot. This way, garbage trucks are clean and ready to do their job the following day.

Not only are clean garbage trucks more pleasant for the community but make it easier for fleet managers to diagnose and work on mechanical faults. Oil leaks can be detected quickly, improving road safety for drivers and other road users.

Good Sight are the Australian distributors of Istobal heavy vehicle wash equipment.  We offer a range of economical, tailored solutions for garbage truck and waste disposal fleets of all sizes. Below are examples of our heavy vehicle wash equipment suitable for garbage trucks.

Commercial garbage truck wash solutions

Individual fleets

Istobal’s heavy vehicle jet wash is an economocial solution for individual and small waste fleets.

This fixed system integrates all wash solutions including high pressure cleaning, disinfection, high flow wash and chemical pre-wash.  It can successfully and efficiently remove debris from gaps, grooves and recesses. With controlled dosing, chemical level sensors and time regulation programmes, this is an efficient and economical solution offering an accurate control of costs when it comes to manual garbage truck washing.

how are garbage trucks washed manually

Small Fleets

For small fleets, Istobal’s HW’PROGRESS automatic rollover provides a complete wash in approximately 11 minutes.

With it’s optimised design and technological developments, the HW’PROGRESS is the most flexible commercial vehicle rollover on the market and can be adapted to the specific requirements of each fleet type.

The robust design features self-driven vertical brushes with an overlapping scrub function and shampoo injection via a dosing pump.  Flexible configuration of up to 15 programmes, a touch-screen control panel, and a choice of service connections makes this an efficient, time saving solution. The machine’s wash and sanitisation program offers 180 degree external sanitisation.

Using an automatic rollover ensures optimum maintenance with reduced water consumption when compared to manual washing.  The HW’Progress can use recycled water during the application of high pressure making it an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

With a focus on more sustainable urban waste management for the future, environmentally friendly heavy vehicle wash solutions will be an important part of this.

how are garbage trucks washed automatic rollover

For trucks too bulky for the HW’PROGRESS, Istobal’s HW’ROTATORS has been specifically designed to accommodate large garbage trucks, tankers and military vehicles. This modular, drive through arch features eight motorised rotator units that deliver a quality, high pressure wash every time.  The only drive through heavy vehicle wash system on the market with motorised rotators, the HW’ROTATORS ensure maximum wash pressure at a constant speed and with spraying arms with a stablisier to avoid pressure losses.

how are large garbage trucks washed

Large Fleets

For larger fleets of 15 trucks or more requiring regular washing, a drive through system is the most efficient and economical solution.  In fact, Istobal’s large fleet wash solutions can effictively clean an individual truck in under two minutes!

During the wash process, each truck slowly moves along the drive through washing line fitted with a range of different wash systems. The rocker panel area is washed, a foamy chemical is sprayed completely covering the vehicle, high pressure water is applied by a wash arch consisting of rotator nozzles, and then a final rinse is performed. All this is done in just one and a half minutes!

how are garbage trucks washed under chassis

Auxillary equipment

Under Chassis Wash

Istobal’s 3000mm wide under chassis wash can be installed in existing or new heavy vehicle wash bays.  With 20-40 nozzles specially designed to direct water in a cyclonic fashion, the under chassis wash offers and intense cleaning effect to the bottom of trucks making it one of the most effective drive through systle under body wash systems.

Disinfectant Arch

The disinfectant arch delivers a high speed chemical disinfectant treatment in under one minute.

Physical Recycler Plus

For the treatment and re-use of water, Istobal’s Physical Recycler Plus offers an impressively high filtration rate in a compact, space-saving design. This simple, plug n’ play sytem offers easy installation and maintenance.

Smartwash Connectivity

Connectivity to Istobal’s Smarwash transforms the heavy vehicle wash process into a fully connected, autonomous, controlled and monitored system that optimisews time and cost of each wash.

More information

If you have questions about streamlining the commercial wash processes at your facility, contact our team for advice. Since 1968, we have been Australia’s leading suppliers and installers of vehicle wash equipment. We offer relaible nationwide after-sales support and repair service.

Additionally, our service technicians can assist with the repair and maintenance all existing heavy vehicle wash equipment.