(Video) Watch the Istobal HW’ROTATORS truck wash in action!

truck wash video istobal hw rotators

Scroll down to watch Istobal’s HW’ROTATORS truck wash cleaning a container truck, semi trailer and tractor.

The modular HW’ROTATORS features a drive-through arch with eight motorised rotator units. This makes it suitable for most commercial vehicles, delivering a quality, high-pressure wash every time. It has been developed to accommodate all trucks and commercial vehicles, specifically those that cannot be washed by a standard heavy vehicle rollollover. This includes garbage trucks, tankers and military vehicles. The HW’ROTATORS is the only drive through truck wash system on the market with motorised rotators. This ensure maximum wash pressure at a constant speed and with spraying arms with a stabiliser to avoid pressure losses. Dynamic and adaptable, the equipment is automatically started thanks to photocells in all three versions and optional extras that complete the wash process of any commercial vehicle type.

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